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Dec 30, 2012 12:00pm EST
to present bush was in office instead of bill clinton. so there may be some move to breathe and care. i found in doing research on the book that violent gun crime did not go down significantly from the automatic assault weapons ban was in effect. that doesn't prove it had no effect, but statistically. >> host: it didn't ban the sales, but sure that you keep old ones. you look at it. it is due that many difference. >> host: if you reinstated the ban now would have the same grandfather clauses about weapons previously purchased his outfit would it really be? a lot of times liberals, and i called the book is a gross case of the second amendment, making the mistake of thinking strict gun control is the way you control gun violence. i think if you could eliminate all 300 million guns in this country, legal and illegal, surely gun violence would go down. but we're not going to be able to do that. instead what happens is in places like new york where i live, overwhelmingly to support to make it as difficult as possible for everybody to buy gun legally be seen as the best way to keep gun violence dow
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm EST
iraq even though half a million children have died and clinton passes the laws that basically gives the opportunity for bush to go further after with the invasion of iraq so we see the continuum, that is a part of the point that we are making. it is and democrats versus republicans we see it with the lines running you can see 1846 with mexico but we are choosing from 1899 up through iraq and afghanistan and yemen. >> it is a way of life, so in some ways -- >> we're standing on the shoulders of a lot of great americans and it's not really the diversity offices. some are told in the public schools and it is untold to the popular audience and people that get their history from television and so that is what we try to challenge the they don't know much history and they say that there were some at understanding u.s. history than they are understanding the math and science with to this gimmick in the u.s. history 12%. the main thing was only 2% could explain what the brown v board of education was about even though the answer was implicit threat so our kids don't know much history and a l
Dec 31, 2012 12:00am EST
died, and clinton passes the law that basically gives the opportunity for bush to go further with it when bush, after 9/11, with the invasion of iraq. so, we see a continuum. that's part of the point we're making. it's not democrats versus republicans. foreign policy is bipartisan and we see it as this -- these lines running from 1898 -- you can say 1846 with mexico -- but we're tracing from 1899 up to iraq and afghanistan and yemen, and to the current administration. >> a lot like great historian williams who argues empire is a way of life. you call your book "untold history of the united states now now and in some ways williams -- >> we're following that. that's been on -- standing on on the showereds of a lot of great historian. this is not really untold to university audiences. it's untold in the public schools and untold to the popular u.s.a. audience. some people get their history from television and movies other than oliver's, and we're trying to challenge they that americans don't know much history. the national record card says u.s. high school seniors are worse in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3